Making referrals and earning bonuses on UnLocked is a fairly simple process. We’ve optimized the process to allow anyone to refer an applicant while also designing unique measures to  protect referrers, applicants, and companies’ information.

Note: Before making a referral, a user must validate their profile by adding either their LinkedIn URL or current resume to the platform.

  1. The referrer shares basic information for the applicant and is provided the option to upload the applicant's resume or LinkedIn URL also.
  2. The referrer writes a brief snippet highlighting why the company should consider this individual for their opening.
  3. The applicant is notified via email that someone things they would fit a position on UnLocked, but they must finalize their application before they they can be referred.
  4. The applicant reviews the position description and confirms the accuracy of the details entered by the referrer. 
  5. The applicant has the chance to share a blurb (or a cover letter) highlighting why the would be a great fit for the company should consider this individual for their opening.

At this point, each application is run through UnLocked’s internal review process. By identifying and removing the prospects that don’t fit before a company even sees them, we allow companies to spend more time reviewing the right applicants more quickly!

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