Welcome, and thanks for checking out UnLocked! 

Here are three quick steps that will help you discover opportunities for yourself and earn bonuses for introducing others to great companies:

1. Sign-up and create your profile

When creating your UnLocked profile, we encourage you to add as many relevant skills to your profile as you can. This allows the platform to prioritize the most relevant positions for you. 

2. Explore open positions on the platform

UnLocked helps companies share their current openings with our platform. Unlike other job sites, every position on UnLocked is an open opportunity being monitored by an actual hiring manager at the company posting it. UnLocked's users expect to receive a response every time they share their profile and submit their interest for an open role.

3. Introduce a qualified friend or colleague to earn a bonus

Many opportunities on UnLocked are posted by companies that are interested in receiving normal applicants and referral introductions. When you find a position that allows you to refer others, simply refer someone that matches the criteria. If the company decides that referred person is a great fit, then you'll earn a referral bonus as a thank you!

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